Rodgers plays golf with Obama

aaronrodgersgolfobama.jpgAaron Rodgers takes in some golf. USATSI

What could be more nerve-wracking than playing golf with the President of the United States? Turns out, not much if you’re Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback recently went on his old teammate A.J. Hawk’s podcast and discussed playing golf this spring with President Barack Obama.

“It was my best round of the year, thankfully,” Rodgers told Hawk. He also noted that he was “super nervous.” The two played with Tony Kornheiser and astronaut Mark Kelly. Rodgers currently carries a 4.7 handicap, which is pretty impressive.

“I said, ‘I’m all in. Just let me know,'” Rodgers told Hawk about the round. “In February, they sent five or six dates and they said, ‘Can you make any of these dates work?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. Any of them. Just pick one. I’ll be there.'”

Rodgers also noted that he gets incredibly nervous when he plays in public tournaments like the Pebble Beach Pro-Am despite the 4.7 handicap.

“That gets me 10 times more nervous than the first snap in a game or a snap in the fourth quarter when you’ve got to make a play,” Rodgers said. “I’m worried about hitting people, I’m worried about whiffing, I’m worried about looking terrible out there.”

The foursome played at The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base at the beginning of April. It was Obama’s 280th round as president.

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