Cousins calling other QBs

For the first time ever, after functioning as Robert Griffin III’s backup for years, Kirk Cousins entered the offseason as the de facto starting quarterback in Washington. And that’s a bit of an adjustment for the fifth-year quarterback.

He still doesn’t really know how to spend his spring.

“Basically, I’m trying to figure that out still,” Cousins told CSN Mid-Atlantic. “I feel like I’m still in [that] process.”

So, in a move that will only continue to endear him to Washington’s fan base, Cousins is calling quarterbacks around the league — both current and former — to ask them what they do during the offseason.

“I’ve called a few of the starting quarterbacks around the league, a few of the retired guys who had great careers,” Cousins said, “and just asked them what worked for them in the offseason.”

cousins53016.jpgKirk Cousins says he’s calling quarterbacks around the league for advice this offseason. USATSI

According to CSN, Cousins didn’t say who exactly he’s called. But here’s what he wanted to know:

“What was their rhythm in January, February, March?” Cousins said. “When they went back in April, May, June, what’s their rhythm? What’s their rhythm in the summer? How do they handle family? How do they balance travel and opportunities?”

Last season, Cousins broke out with a 69.8 completion percentage, 4,166 yards, 29 touchdowns, and a 101.6 passer rating. In large part due to his surprising level of play, the Redskins made the playoffs, even though they won just nine games.

Now, the stakes are even higher for Cousins. He’s playing under the franchise tag, so another successful season should result in a big-time offer from the front office. Washington’s general manager, Scot McCloughan, already said he’d be happy to “overpay” for Cousins. If Cousins experiences a decline, though, his future will become murky — a reality he’s seemingly accepted.

“If they feel like they have enough information and want to make that call right now, then great, too,” Cousins told 106.7 The Fan, a CBS Sports Radio station earlier this month. “But I think the ball’s in their court and I will react accordingly to whatever decision they make. But I am totally comfortable playing more football, and frankly if I don’t play well next season, I don’t deserve to be back. I don’t deserve a long-term deal. So I want to go out and earn it, and prove myself, and if I need to prove myself again, that’s fine. I’ll go see if I can do that.”

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